From water purifier installation to its maintenance, you can rely on us for the end to end deal. We maintain the perfect balance of
high quality and affordable price in our services. Here is the list of our services:


Installation is a crucial part. It is essential to understand an individual’s specific equirement and install the RO accordingly, especially for a commercial and industrial installation. We install the plant in a way which is most convenient to the customer.


Maintaining the installed RO system is important. It keeps the drinking water quality up to the mark and enhances the life of the purifier. The filters in the RO system needs to be changed regularly, and in our maintenance service, we take care of such details correctly. Whether you need water filter service or you are facing any issues, we take care of it in no time.


We provide a guarantee of a quick fix. When our customers face any sort issues with the RO system, we try our best to solve it as soon as possible. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who provide excellent RO service in Bangalore.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We provide the best RO installation cost to our customers, but we also ensure that the customers get the required maintenance at an affordable price. We have an annual maintenance contract that ensures that customers get error-free quality drinking water supply throughout the year.


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WELCOME TO Urban Solutions Water Purifier

Urban Solutions Water Purifier offers the perfect solution of industrial, commercial, and residential water purifier installation and repair. We have a comprehensive product line that caters to our customers’ requirement in the best possible way.

Even if you are getting the best quality drinking water, it is easy for the sediments to make their way into your water. Unclean roof tanks and poor plumbing systems can also contaminate your drinking water. When it comes to drinking water, you should not take any chance. We ensure that you get pure drinking water throughout the year.


Our mission is to provide quality drinking water across the city with paramount service quality. We are always curious to use innovative techniques to improve our services, and we strive for the best to give the most advanced solution to our customers.


Our vision is to be a socially responsible brand by providing clean drinking water to as many people as possible. We aim to provide the most excellent water purifier products at an affordable price.


Aqua Fresh Model


Aquaguard Geneus

Aqua Nano

Euro Fab Water Purifier Fresh Model

Wave Model

Aqua Mart

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